One Heart Pilates and Personal Training offers programs that transform and sculpt your body..

One Heart Pilates and Personal Training offers programs that transform and sculpt your body, help with weight loss, build strength, achieve your sport specific goals, pre and post pregnancy as well as rehabilitation. Whatever your goals One Heart can help you achieve them. With advanced experience in the fitness industry we are the leaders in Pilates, Personal Training, and Group Fitness. Let One Heart help train you through your fitness journey.

Here at one heart our Pilates classes are Dynamic Pilates classes. Like traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates is designed to readdress the body’s natural balance through a series of exact, controlled movements. Both focus on the core muscles in the waist and lower back area, the center of support for the rest of the body.

This improves strength, flexibility and posture, keeping the body mobile and helping prevent or reduce injury. But unlike traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates goes a step further. As the name suggests, it’s a more intense and dynamic program, designed to slim figures, improve posture and build lean, toned muscle. Fast. Think of it as Pilates with bite.


One Heart trainers are the leaders in the field Pilates and fitness industry so you know that you can achieve your goals in the safest and most effective way possible for you personally.
One Heart Pilates - Tyson

Tyson James.


Tyson has a passion to help people achieve their fitness goals. He specializes in general fitness to sport specific and rehabilitation. Tyson has been involved in the health and fitness industry for the last ten years and now owns and managers One Heart Pilates and Personal Training Studio.

Tyson has worked in one of the biggest Pilates Reformer Studios in Europe: Ten Pilates, which is based in London. He was Senior Trainer there and head of Barre, which has given him vast variety of knowledge and skills in multiple fields.

He has worked with a demographic of people from sedentary individuals to athletes, actors and professional dancers. Tyson has also work with pre and post pregnancies, a wide variety of rehabilitation needs, and in particular with lower back pain and posture analysis.

Tyson spent many years as a professional dancer working in Musical Productions and also as Production Manager on Cruise Ships around the world. He understands the importance of health and peak training. He strives to give his clients the highest level of education in nutrition and personal support.

Tyson believes in the One Heart vision. We only have ONE HEART and need to look after it..

  • Personal Training and Cert III & Cert IV
  • Pilates Academy – Reformer & Mat Pilates
  • Dip Musical Theatre and Dance
  • Punch Fit Boxing instructor
  • Cert Excercise in Rehabilition for the Upper Body
  • Cert Excercise in Rehabilition for the Lower Body
  • Cert Managing Weight loss Clients
  • Cert in Childrens Training
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