Online Live Group Classes.

One heart is now offering live group classes.

One heart is now offering live group classes. These classes can be modified to the members that are joining the class so you can be sure you are preforming each move in a safe and functional way the is specific to you right in your own home.

Each class is caped at 10 members per class. All classes are available on demand if you miss out on a live class or you just loved the class and want to do it again your online membership can offer this.

We will have over 15 classes a week with a verity of classes, with all classes focusing on the Pilates principles core strength, flexibility and posture.

New members get 3 free online live classes to book within 7 day and can be book on our Facebook page through events @oneheartpt. Our full access to unlimited online live classes and on demand videos membership is $35 per week or our on demand video membership is $20 per week.


Online Dynamic Mat Pilates.

Online Dynamic Mat Pilates is a program designed for clients wanting to develop core body strength and achieve a lean body mass while focusing on the key Pilates principles – core strength, flexibility and posture. Dynamic Mat Pilates is designed for all ages and fitness levels.

Exercises will help correct bad posture, provide body balance, create flexibility, strength, control, as well as breathing control. Mat Pilates can help with a huge verity in rehabilitation needs such as back pain, knee reconstructions, physical weakness, or recovery from an accident that has caused some level of debilitation in movement.

The best thing about this class is that if you have any questions or feeling something strange through the exercises you have your online trainer there to answer any questions you might have live at the time of the class and can carter class to your injures and any specific goals you might have


Online BARRE.

Online Barre is a fresh and uniquely workout. It combines a dynamic and innovative dance ballet-based workout with expert instruction and dynamic Pilates elements, to make this class a functional and total body work out.

The Barre workout has taken the best elements of ballet and Pilates methods to give the clients at One Heart a fantastic workout which sculpts and stretches muscles while burning calories as well as helping with posture and day to day functional activity.
Clients will find that their flexibility, balance and stamina will improve but most of all it is a fun workout that clients will not get bored with as the variations to Barre workouts are endless.

All you need for this class is a bench or a chair to act as your barre and your ready to do this killer barre workout class live with the watchful eyes of your online trainer.


Online Stretch & Mobility.

Stretch and mobility class targets a specific area of the body using Pilates principles and body weight to help improve your range of motion, flexibility and body control. It will give you an opportunity to tune in to your body and improve how you feel and move in your day-to-day life along with learning stretches you can do at home to keep the body feeling good.

All you need for this class is a mat and a towel as your online instructor guides you through the exercises in the safest way.


Online Cardiolates.

This is a intense bodyweight-based workout mat Pilates workout. You’ll work hard to maintain your position throughout each exercise, engaging more muscles to do so and burning more calories as a result. You’ll also work on getting the right posture and alignment, with lots of individual attention from your online Trainer with conjunction with HITT training or High Intensity Interval Training – is an enhanced, intense and highly time-efficient form of interval training that conditions the whole body to boost fitness, strength and stamina

All you need for this class is a mat and your own bodyweight


Online Fab45 (bootcamp).

Online Fab 45 is a full body circuit class utilising body weight, barre and mat pilates exercises with Hitt training. This is a class is designed with a number of different exercises working through the stations a full body work out is achieved. Fab 45 is catered to all different fitness levels and body type, So come give it a try you wont regret .


Unlimited live classes plus on demand videos.

$35 per week

+ Classes are caped to 10 people per class
+ No lock-in contacts
+ 28 day notice

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