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There are a number of reasons you’d choose a private one on one session.

If you’re new to fitness or haven’t exercised in a while, these sessions give you the opportunity to work with one of our expert Trainers at your own pace and level to become familiar with the equipment and comfortable with the exercises and techniques.

If you're already attending classes, the one-to-one attention makes these sessions ideal for working on specific exercises, refining your form and technique or simply benefitting from the undivided attention of your Trainer to help you progress further, faster.

Lastly, if you’re recovering from injury or illness, or struggling with a persistent niggle, the Reformer is a great piece of Rehab equipment.

One Heart personal training also specialises in weight loss and exercise advice so you would know that you will get all the tools that you need to help you achieve your goals the right way


Here at One Heart we do 45 minute and 30 minute Personal training session. Our session cater for a range of goals from weight loss, rehabilitation, Pilates technique, sports specific, posture analyses and also giving dietary advice.

Online Personal Training

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